Describing yourself is never an easy task. What to say ? Let’s keep it short and simple :
My name is Maxime Chefdeville. I’m a filmmaker and writer, working in Paris. I have worked in advertising, made music clips and have directed short films, for various production companies around Paris for a few years, now. Every company I have worked for, I have done so because they displayed values that I hold close at heart : A moving vision of the art world, and a desire to deliver a message, to make something meaningful for every project.
My projects and experience are varied, and that’s what I like about my profession. Working with Thales one day, Legrand the next and the week after, filming for the official French football team… That kind of dynamic keeps me on my toes, and my thinking fast. I can help my clients bring their vision to the screen better, that way.
Last year, I was lucky enough to work on a web-series, that I wrote and directed, during the Covid crisis, with a great team. The show won over 50 prizes during its festival round this year.It is currently being adapted for the screen. Lately, I’m developing a documentary for Netflix, and writing my first feature film.
I cannot wait for my next project… Maybe one with you ?

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